In this collection of art, the elements of time, energy, growth, and decay, life and death are represented by the layering of automatic mark-making and controlled patterning.  Surfaces are sanded, glazed over, scattered with air, and engulfed with water in order to create a feeling of movement and synthesis, adding a depth that reads as both a memory and a vision.  Stuart is drawn to the mysterious and complex worlds of the unimaginably large and small and the commonalities they share.  Working with spontaneity and control, and order and chaos she lets each work grow organically allowing for entropy and reflecting a range of processes and patterns encountered in the natural world. Jennifer has long been interested in investigating the echoes of form and design that permeate our world.  She studies various aspects of the natural world, including microscopic imagery and pictures of the universe.  By layering observed drawings and abstract patterns she explores the mysterious patterns that connect us all.

In the body of work named "Echo", the mediums used are primarily acrylic ink, watercolor, pencil, and pen on paper.  These pieces were made by using spontaneous marks and controlled patterning.  One technique was to create a gesture with acrylic ink, at times making a print of that gesture on an adjacent paper.  This diptych then became her starting point as she created layers of drawings and intricate patterns based on images from biology, nature, physics, space, mathematics, architecture, and mapping.  A second technique was to start with drawing a variety of  structures on the page, adding more painterly, loose elements at a later stage.  In some of the pieces, layers are literally constructed with collaged materials.

In the series "100 + 1",  Jennifer created all of the work using the same starting point.  She first put down a series of unplanned marks on each page by pouring acrylic ink onto the paper and manipulating the ink with water allowing for a variety of pooling effects.  Then, working on several papers at once, she let each work grow organically, allowing for both order and entropy and reflecting a range of processes encountered in the natural world.

“Dance” is a series utilizing the same kinds of processes and vocabulary of marks as the “100 + 1”. Using black paper, Jennifer felt she could reference the expanse of the universe even though the works are not at all large. Seen together they map out a world that is as familiar as it is mysterious.

“Evolve” is an ongoing series of works on wood panel. Working on wood allows Stuart the opportunity to engage more with the surface that supports her paintings. Sanding, carving, and building up the face of the work, each piece is a record of action and time, a story of continual growth and decay.